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How you can optimise your packaging for sustainability

Recyclability evaluation with Made for Recycling 

Designing packaging for environmentally-friendly recycling. Popular with consumers – and now also required by the new German Packaging Act. But just how recyclable is your packaging already? We can find this out by using a new, scientifically sound assessment method, and develop a set of improvement proposals for a recycling-friendly packaging design based on this assessment.

Scientific Test Method

As an environmental services provider, we know recycling-friendly packaging is a key factor in resource conservation and climate protection. We have worked with the bifa environmental institute to develop a scientifically sound assessment method that measures the recyclability of your packaging. This method was subsequently tested by experts from the Fraunhofer Institute for Process Engineering and Packaging (Fraunhofer IVV). The assessment involves looking at how types of packaging behave when collected, sorted and recycled. We can then identify weaknesses and potential for improvement. Whether you’re planning a packaging relaunch or want to make your packaging more sustainable, your company stands to benefit from Interzero’s new service.

Made for Recycling: How it works?

How recyclable is your packaging? Our standardised assessment approach has been developed together with independent research institutes.

Your path to a sustainable packaging optimisation

1. You send us a sample of the packaging that you want to optimise.
2. We use our assessment method to check and analyse your packaging. This involves considering the end-of-life process from collection to recycling.
3. We present you with a report containing specific recommendations for action.
4. You will also recieve a certificate and a seal that can be used to communicate your sustainability strategy in your marketing activities. 
5. Within a few weeks, will be possible to carry out a second analysis of your packaging in order to confirm the optimisation.

Other services

Consulting and training

Find out more about our assessment method in a non-binding consultation. Learn what is important in terms of packaging and packaging design by attending a seminar tailored specifically to your requirements. Which packaging can already be recycled? And which can be optimised? Gain insights into the modern closed-loop economy, for instance, by visiting one of our sorting plants.

Our partner institutes

bifa environmental institute 

The bifa environmental institute in Augsburg has offered a broad-based portfolio of ‘technical environmental protection’ services for over 25 years. The institute’s work focuses on process technology, environmental performance in the enterprise and sustainable waste management. The bifa environmental institute analyses and assesses flows of material and energy, and workflows in process technology.

Fraunhofer IVV

The Fraunhofer Institute for Process Engineering and Packaging (Fraunhofer IVV) in Freising conducts applied research in the fields of foodstuffs, packaging, product impact, processing machinery, recycling and the environment. In its work along the value chain, Fraunhofer IVV is careful to focus on the efficient use of raw materials and minimal environmental impact. One key focus is the development of innovative recycling technologies and recyclable packaging.

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