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Get a licence from Interzero for packaged products you export to Germany  

Do you export your products to Germany? Do you want to make sure your company complies with legal requirements at competitive costs? Choose an experienced and reliable partner for the management of your packaging.

Implementing the European Directive on packaging, German legislation requires that companies importing packaged products to Germany comply with the principle of extended producer responsibility, and transfer the management of their packaging to an authorised collection and recycling company.

If you export to Germany, Interzero, one of the leading German companies in the collection and recycling of packaging waste, is your ideal partner. We will take care of collecting and recycling your household and industrial packaging in compliance with German regulations, making sure you fully comply with the law. Thanks to an extensive network of 600 certified partners covering the whole national territory, we can offer companies efficient and tailor-made solutions, in full compliance with the law.

Do you ship goods in sales packaging to Germany? Are you looking for a trusted partner to meet the requirements of the new German Packaging act? From 1 January 2019, retailers and manufacturers are required by German law to license their sales packaging. Go to Lizenzero, the user-friendly online shop for packaging licensing of Interzero, to complete the dual system sign-up process as quickly and as easily as possible:

Your benefits at a glance

  • Client orientation

    A team of experts is at disposal to answer your questions and find the best solutions for you.

  • Safety and regulatory compliance

    We act as guarantors for your legal obligations as provided by the German law, that imposes on companies the obligation to declare yearly the amount of packaging that will be placed on the German market.

  • Sustainability

    We recover precious raw materials through packaging recycling. Our customers receive a certificate that proves their commitment to the protection of the environment.

  • Competitive prices

    Thanks to our convenient and efficient collection means and to our experience in the recycling field, you will get your licence to export packaged products at competitive prices.

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  • What is the German Packaging Act?

    On 1 January 2019, the Packaging Act (VerpackG) will replace the previously applicable Packaging Ordinance (VerpackV) in Germany.  This Act aims at reducing the environmental impact of packaging waste, as well as promoting the reuse and recycle of packaging itself. It obliges manufacturers and distributors placing a packaged product on the German market to guarantee its separate collection by subscribing to a Dual System, namely private companies operating nationally to guarantee packaged waste collection.

  • Who has the obligation to subscribe to a Dual System?

    The obligation involves all manufacturers and distributors that place packaged products on the German market. This obligation can therefore involve exporters/sellers (Italian companies exporting their packaged products to Germany), as set out in the Ordinance and in relation to the trade agreements between exporter and importer.

  • What is the Declaration of Completeness?

    The Declaration of Completeness forms part of the Packaging Act. It is defined in article 1 of the Act, and is aimed at those who place sales packaging on the German market. Every year within May 15th such companies must submit a Declaration of Completeness indicating the amount of packaging they have placed on the German market in the previous year.

  • Does transport packaging have to be taken back from customers?

    Yes, the polluter-pays principle implies that transport packaging has to be taken back after use. However, the European Directive on packaging expressly allows transferring this obligation to a third party. By relying on Interzero you will be able to comply with your legal obligations without the burden of organising the take-back of your packaging.

  • What happens to packaging once it's collected?

    Interzero guarantees that packaging is properly separated and transferred to recycling facilities. The objective is to close the materials cycle and avoid using new raw materials as much as possible.

  • Are sanctions foreseen in case of non-compliance?

    In case of non-compliance you will be subject to financial penalties.

  • Is there a minimum threshold under which one can be exempted from buying a licence to export their packaging to Germany?

    No, there is no minimum threshold because all packaging has to be subject to subsequent recovery.

  • Why does an Italian company have to pay a German Dual System if it already pays CONAI in Italy?

    Packaging exported to Germany doesn't fall with Conai's competence anymore, because the waste it generates is managed abroad and not in Italy. For this reason, exporting companies have the right to recover the Conai Environmental Contribution that has been paid when buying the packaging that was then exported. Interzero Service Italia offers a dedicated service to obtain such refund.