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Management at Interzero Italy: taking responsibility for customers, employees and the environment

The strong management team at Interzero Italy stands for sustainable strategy and decision-making, responsible company management and an open corporate culture. 

Interseroh's integrated environmental solutions are designed to meet the growing need of companies, more and more focused on sustainability and respect for our planet. We support, national and international, client companies on their path towards the circular economy: ad hoc analysis and environmental consultancy to develop sustainable business models and innovative solutions aimed at reducing waste and saving resources.

Anna Grom (Head of Regional Center Interzero - Managing Director Interzero Italy)

Strengthened by the International experience of the Interzero Group and the consolidated local skills of our teams, Interzero Italia is the leading partner for clients in the circular economy, in every industry. We create value by developing tailor-made, integrated environmental solutions. 

Together with our customers, we build ad hoc strategic path, designed to develop sustainable ideas and solutions.

Mario Bagna (Managing Director)

A long experience of over 20 years in the environmental field in leading companies on the Italian territory for the collection, transport, selection, recovery and disposal of industrial and commercial waste. He has held senior positions both in the Operational (Logistics and Plant Management) and in the Sales (Commercial Management) fields.